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So after I wrote the post about the new Blackberry Storm 2, I received an email from Verizon say that I was up for an early upgrade…SCORE!

So I went to my local Verizon Wireless store to see when the Blackberry Storm 2 would be out and to also get a new battery for my Samsung Glyde.  It must have been an extremely lucky day for me because the new Storm was at the Verizon store.

There are upsides and down sides to each smart phone, whatever kinks were in the first Storm, they must have ironed them out pretty well with the new phone.  I love the fact that if the phone is locked, the click screen does not click.  The addition to more than one click sensor under the screen was probably the greatest idea next to wifi on the phone.  The layout for Contacts is really nice too, I am not sure if it is like this on all Blackberries, but I really like that I can add a ton of information for each contact.

The only thing I don’t like so far is the App World, only because the Blackberry is more of a business phone so I guess the apps are not as good or plentiful.  I mean, there really are not very many good free apps, there could totally be more.  This is a big reason as to why I am still going to keep my Ipod touch and probably not get an iPhone.

I am hoping that RIM starts putting more effort in the App World…

Hold on to your jail-broken iPhones…or don’t. RIM, the company that introduced crackber- er I mean Blackberry to the world is about to drop another bomb on the smartphone scene.

The new Blackberry Storm 2 9550 (don’t get confused with the 9520 for Vodaphone…) has been a highly anticipated phone even just after the 1st gen Storm came out. Because the Blackberry phones have always had physical keyboards and none of them were touch up until the Storm was released, it was expected that there would be some issues with the new technology. For most people, the phone was a lag bucket (yes I said lag bucket.) Now there have been a couple of firmware updates that have been said to make the Storm bearable until it’s upgrade time for the Storm 2. With the addition of WiFi to the Storm 2, I would imagine there are going to be more people paying the full price to get the new phone.

Most of the annoying issues that consumers were not enjoying about there phone were, but not limited to the SurePress technology for the touch screen (where you touch the screen to select and then push down on the screen to activate something), lack of WiFi, battery life, and just all around prettiness. Even the battery life has improved greatly, 5+ hours of talk time and 10+ days of standby. I could certainly deal with that.

The Storm is currently still running on the 4.7 software for Blackberry but once the Storm 2 comes out, 5.0 should be out and accordingly, when this is applied to the Storm it should fix most problems with software issues on the phone. Just long enough to wait for upgrade time I suppose…

Will this new venture for Blackberry be the iPhone killer? Will the masses stampede all Verizon stores, waiting for days in line just to get there hands on a new crackberry? Most likely not, I still stand by the fact that if iPhone moves to Verizon, I will have one. I am pretty sure that there are many other people out there that have the same sentiments as myself. Until then, I am still oogling the new Blackberry Storm 2.blackberry-storm-wi-fi

I love my iPod, really I don’t think there is a day that goes by where it is not being utilized for music indulgence or a quick email check.  Even to keep my sanity, I will pull out the device to play a game to squelch the boredom.  So I really am attached to the sucker.

My iPod is a Touch, pretty sweet, and it sort of held me back from buying an iPhone and selling my soul to AT&T (which is a bad idea in NEPA…we have lots of valley and rolling hills that we tend to call mountains…and in those areas you are lucky if you get any service at all.)  I have a habit of buying the newest iPod when it comes out, not the case this time however.  I have had a 1st generation 2gb nano, then I got the 3rd generation square 8gb nano, and then the 4th generation 16gb nano.  I had decided that I did not want to buy an iPhone when it came out…ok I did but like I said, AT&T around here…the iPhone is no reason to switch networks.

So imagine my depression when Apple came out with the newest nano, with a camera and FM/AM transmitter which I will confess I would totally use.  And my Touch that has no camera, but there are some awesome radio apps I can use, as long as I am connected to wifi.  Along with the new nano having a camera, of course it will do video.  The prices have been dropping also.  You can get a new 16gb nano for less than $200 which is a pretty sweet deal actually seeing as how hey used to be over $200 for the 8gb.

Now if only they would do a new iPod Touch with a camera also (hey Apple, you could totally put in an FM/AM transmitter, I won’t be upset), they now have 32gb and 64gb which will probably be next on my list unless Verizon happens to get the iPhone and release a 64gb iPhone…no suggestions or anything.  Heck, even the iPod shuffle is insanely cheap, a 4gb for less than $100.  They basically look like a hot flash drive…just no USB stick.

So this last part is to Apple, Steve Jobs, whoever can make it happen.  Please make an iPod Touch with a camera (the radio honestly isn’t the kicker), I kind of feel left out without a camera/iPod/computer, just an iPod/computer…I really get annoyed when I have to walk around holding an actual camera and managing the flash and dealing with having the wrong SD card and only being able to take 1 picture.  I just want to have a phone/radio/computer/ipod/gaming system in my hands…

So recently, the Stanley Cup (the hardware for ice hockey) was in my area because we are home to the farm team for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Needless to say, I was about ready to squeal like a little girl when after over an hour of waiting, I could finally spot the Stanley Cup around the bend of our arena, there were so many people just waiting to see the coveted cup.


I am an avid ice hockey fan, just to let you all know, I am sure you notice this by now too. I am going to try and integrate the awesome sport into my blog a little, since its a 9 month long season.

Ciao peeps!

I wish I lived in England.  Not because of fish and chips, tea, and accents.  Because the best TV is over there…ok some of the best (I have a love for Ugly Betty).

Luckily, NBC picked up my new favorite show from across the way, Merlin.  This series is about the life and adventures of Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, and Arthur.  They are all roughly the same age (probably late teens to early twenties) and they are all friends.  Not the Merlin and Arthur you expected.

Merlin’s destiny, according to a dragon who is locked in the dungeon under the castle in Camelot, is to protect Arthur and always be with him.  The catch, Arthur’s father King Uther, has forbade anyone from practicing magic.  Merlin must save Arthur pretty much every episode by figuring a way to secretly use magic or another way around the impasse.

Even though it is not really anywhere near The Sword in the Stone or Knights of the Round Table, it is a very good series.  Gwen is Morgana’s maid (craziness I know), Morgana is the king’s ward and is so far a good person, and Mordred is a young child who Merlin and Arthur saved…at least for now.  So far in the US, one season has passed and the second season is about to start on the BBC (which I will have to somehow get a hold of).  Check it out, I am hooked…

There are tons of rumors running the mill lately about the tablet that Apple would be releasing. At first, I honestly thought it would be a bad idea but the more I thought about it, I personally wouldn’t mind having one. The idea that Apple would be making a tablet has been circulating for more than 5 years, which makes me think that if this many rumors are coming out about it releasing, it’s a pretty good chance that we will see this tablet within 2009.

So hypothesis numero uno, what is it going to look like? I have seen concept images where it looks more like just the LCD ripped off of my 3 yr old Macbook (shall we call it the Macbook Touch?). Other images have it looking like a much larger Iphone or Ipod Touch. A 10″ screen is what they are boasting and that would be a little nicer on the eyes when you are watching a movies or video podcasts like I do on my Touch.

Next, what will the OS be? Will it be Snow Leopard or will it be the Iphone OS? If it is going to be something where you will be able to either dock or put on a stand, I would hope that it would be Snow Leopard, but it may be easier to just have the Iphone OS. Unless there are going to be USB ports for plugging keyboards and mouses in or wireless mouse and keyboard capabilities, then I could see something with meat and potatoes running as the OS. What will the hard drive size be? I would think that you would have to start at probably 16 gb if it’s going to be the same software as the Touch and the Iphone. If it will be running the other OS, probably at least 60 gb.

What about connectivity? Will it only be able to connect to wifi or will you be able to get a plan or maybe add it to your Iphone plan? If this tablet becomes huge and everyone is just carrying it around with them, I could definitely see 3G capabilities. Actually, scratch that, I could see 4G capabilities. If you can have a contract for a data plan with this, I see Verizon going all over this. They have been hinting that they will be getting the Iphone in time, which is just prolonging AT&T’s demise. If they can get the tablet and it becomes as big as I think it will, you will see tablets at the gym, in the coffee shops, at the park, in class rooms, everywhere.

You can tell I really have high hopes for this product, please forgive me, I am a bit of an Apple fangirl. So the dates have been flopping back and forth for the release of this amazingness in a 10 inch screen. Some have been saying by Christmas, others October, and the most recent as early as September. $800 is the price that has been flashing around, I would say $500-$700 is a good price range. All depending on the OS again and capabilities.

Either way, I am definitely gonna be asking Santa for one…


blog_00768_auto_of_the_week_1969_mercedes_benz_cabriolet_from_the_hangoverI am not one to frequent movie theaters, I normally wait until most movies are out on DVD before I watch them.  It’s just much nicer to watch movies in the comfort of your own home or with friends at their places than it is to pay the $8.50 for a movie ticket and god knows how much for popcorn and drinks.  That being said, I saw The Hangover with a couple friends and here is my story to tell.

First off, I realized it is not really a good idea to judge a movie before you see it based on other people’s reactions to it.  At first, I heard from a bunch of people that the movie was horrible and a waste of time.  Then a couple more of my friends saw it and everyone was saying it was the best movie they have seen in a long time.  Intrigued by this and the fact that the commercial I saw portrayed a tiger in the hotel bathroom, I really wanted to see the movie.

At first you think it is going to be your normal “Let’s go to Vegas and see how much damage we can cause monetarily and physically,” kind of movie, which it is, it really is.  Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug are going to Las Vegas for the weekend for Doug’s bachelor party.  Phil and Stu are Doug’s best friends and Alan is Doug’s brother-in-law to be with issues.  I love Zach Galifianakis, who plays Alan, so I knew it would be at least semi funny.

The guys arrive in Vegas in a sweet 1969 Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet that Doug’s father-in-law to be, Sid, has entrusted to Doug only.  I love cars, especially this car…it’s pretty hot.  They decide to go up to the top of the roof of Caesar’s Palace as their first stunt.  After a couple shots of Jager, we cut to the next morning.  No one, not even the audience, has a clue as to what they actually did that night, and they are missing the groom, Doug.

If I say anymore, it will basically ruin the movie for those who are reading this, just a note though, this movie is pretty awesome.  It may not be an Oscar bound cast and screenplay, but it is the kind of movie that people go to the movies to see: something that is going to entertain them and take their minds off of the real world if only for a couple hours.

I sometimes publish at the website MuchGeek.com (fantastic site by the way done by fantastic guys.)

What I do not feel comfortable enough to publish there, I will be publishing here. I will be doing reviews of gadgets that I either have or have been able to use enough to find out what I hate and love about them. I will also review movies and music, all of this because it is what keeps me going while I am at work.

Quick Review: Facebook Apps – I have no idea how I got into even playing with these apps because I normally only use Facebook for keeping in touch with college friends. However, I see these as a new way to stagger through my work day.

1) Farm Town and Farmville (they are both basically the same): Pretty self explanatory, you plant seeds and trees and watch them grow. Then you harvest and sell them for money. The more you plant and harvest, the more experience you receive and then higher your level will be. You can also get animals and fences, buildings, the list goes on. You can also send plants and animals to your friends for their farms. The only down side I have yet to see is you either check your farm too late and have to delete the withered left overs or wait 3 days for your corn/wheat to grow, some plants take 4 hours and some take 3 days.

2) Chain Rxn: This is a super-massive addictive game, no lie. The object of the game is to click anywhere on the screen to start a chain reaction of balls as they bump into the other balls that have explodedfrom the initial ball. The longer the chain goes, the higher the score for each ball that bumps into another exploded ball. I have nothing bad to say about this except that it is the new crack, it’s that addictive.

3) Mafia Wars: I cannot really review this only because I have never played it, though I am going to review it now because it was the first app that made me cringe at using any other app. I used to have about 40+ new updates about my friends’ Mafia and always got invites to join the crew. I am sure that within the next few months, I will probably give up and join. I am a lemming…

4) Bejeweled Blitz: Come on, my generation and even those who may be a little bit older certainly remember the game Bejeweled. I would play that game like it was then end of the world, if I even turned my head away, the Earth would face certain horrifying death. Yeah, I know, I had issues. Either way, Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is basically Bejeweled 2 with a 1 minute time frame, thats pretty much it. I adamantly tried to burst all of your bubbles there to save you the annoyance, because that is what happened to me.

Like I said, this would be a short review, I tried to pick different types of apps from Facebook because there are a ton that are very similar in format and object.

Hoping to be reviewing in full The World of Goo soon, once I actually buy it and also what I think the next gen Ipod Touch should entail…only because I think mine should have come with more…I still love it to bits though!

Good day, howdy, my name is Keilly!  I am not new or accomplished in the blogging world but I am trying to find my voice and a couple of years ago it was political activism and international scenarios.  Now, that does still tickle my fancy but I am very engrossed in the world of technology and Social Networking.

I am no whiz when it comes to computers but I have been able to hold my own to the point where now I do computer tech support to pay the bills and enjoy most every minute of it.  Especially learning more about my own laptop.  I am a bit partial towards Apple, but I work with Windows and run a virtual machine of Windows 7 on my external hard drive on my Macbook.  (Which I may need a new one soon, though this laptop has lasted longer than any I have had in years past.)

So that is my intro, please feel free to comment and even lead me onto the path I need to be on should you feel I have run astray.

A Bien Tot!


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