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Merlin – I am soooo addicted…

Posted on: August 25, 2009

I wish I lived in England.  Not because of fish and chips, tea, and accents.  Because the best TV is over there…ok some of the best (I have a love for Ugly Betty).

Luckily, NBC picked up my new favorite show from across the way, Merlin.  This series is about the life and adventures of Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, and Arthur.  They are all roughly the same age (probably late teens to early twenties) and they are all friends.  Not the Merlin and Arthur you expected.

Merlin’s destiny, according to a dragon who is locked in the dungeon under the castle in Camelot, is to protect Arthur and always be with him.  The catch, Arthur’s father King Uther, has forbade anyone from practicing magic.  Merlin must save Arthur pretty much every episode by figuring a way to secretly use magic or another way around the impasse.

Even though it is not really anywhere near The Sword in the Stone or Knights of the Round Table, it is a very good series.  Gwen is Morgana’s maid (craziness I know), Morgana is the king’s ward and is so far a good person, and Mordred is a young child who Merlin and Arthur saved…at least for now.  So far in the US, one season has passed and the second season is about to start on the BBC (which I will have to somehow get a hold of).  Check it out, I am hooked…

3 Responses to "Merlin – I am soooo addicted…"

I’m hooked as well! Can’t get enough of the Merlin Series.

Too bad we have to wait so long for episodes…wish that BBC were main stream and not behind here in the States.

I know…We have to wait till September 2010..meantime I’m keeping busy with other series…but I really miss watching Merlin and Arthur in action =)

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