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Me and the Stanley Cup

Posted on: September 24, 2009

So recently, the Stanley Cup (the hardware for ice hockey) was in my area because we are home to the farm team for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Needless to say, I was about ready to squeal like a little girl when after over an hour of waiting, I could finally spot the Stanley Cup around the bend of our arena, there were so many people just waiting to see the coveted cup.


I am an avid ice hockey fan, just to let you all know, I am sure you notice this by now too. I am going to try and integrate the awesome sport into my blog a little, since its a 9 month long season.

Ciao peeps!

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  • Dun dun na na na HEY! Just celebrating late for the @pghpenguins a little later than everyone else...LETS GO PENS! 8 years ago
  • *sniff* @nhl I love the smell of Stanley Cup playoffs in the morning! 8 years ago
  • @tbgmusic when will you be visiting the US? I would certainly love love love to see you guys live! 8 years ago
  • And I'm proud to be a Canadian, where at least I know we are still #1 in hockey... 8 years ago
  • been a while since i tweeted...busy moving up the corporate ladder one rung at a time but i am at the point where i just want to chill now 8 years ago
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