A Dork Among Geeks…


Hello, hello.  My name is Keilly, this is my website “Dork Among Geeks.”  It’s true, I work with a ton of really intelligent people and I am a dork.  A pretty big one, I am even surprised at the things that come out of my mouth and pop out of my brain.

Either way, WELCOME!!  I consider computers to be a hobby and I like to learn as much as I possible can about them.  I am a closet Apple Fangirl and am warming up to Windows 7 (via VMware Fusion and my lovely external HD that looks like a flask.)  I am in my ALMOST mid 20’s and I say that because I don’t even want to think that in less then 10 years, I will be 30.

I hope that you all enjoy my rants and raves and feel free to leave input.

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