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I sometimes publish at the website MuchGeek.com (fantastic site by the way done by fantastic guys.)

What I do not feel comfortable enough to publish there, I will be publishing here. I will be doing reviews of gadgets that I either have or have been able to use enough to find out what I hate and love about them. I will also review movies and music, all of this because it is what keeps me going while I am at work.

Quick Review: Facebook Apps – I have no idea how I got into even playing with these apps because I normally only use Facebook for keeping in touch with college friends. However, I see these as a new way to stagger through my work day.

1) Farm Town and Farmville (they are both basically the same): Pretty self explanatory, you plant seeds and trees and watch them grow. Then you harvest and sell them for money. The more you plant and harvest, the more experience you receive and then higher your level will be. You can also get animals and fences, buildings, the list goes on. You can also send plants and animals to your friends for their farms. The only down side I have yet to see is you either check your farm too late and have to delete the withered left overs or wait 3 days for your corn/wheat to grow, some plants take 4 hours and some take 3 days.

2) Chain Rxn: This is a super-massive addictive game, no lie. The object of the game is to click anywhere on the screen to start a chain reaction of balls as they bump into the other balls that have explodedfrom the initial ball. The longer the chain goes, the higher the score for each ball that bumps into another exploded ball. I have nothing bad to say about this except that it is the new crack, it’s that addictive.

3) Mafia Wars: I cannot really review this only because I have never played it, though I am going to review it now because it was the first app that made me cringe at using any other app. I used to have about 40+ new updates about my friends’ Mafia and always got invites to join the crew. I am sure that within the next few months, I will probably give up and join. I am a lemming…

4) Bejeweled Blitz: Come on, my generation and even those who may be a little bit older certainly remember the game Bejeweled. I would play that game like it was then end of the world, if I even turned my head away, the Earth would face certain horrifying death. Yeah, I know, I had issues. Either way, Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is basically Bejeweled 2 with a 1 minute time frame, thats pretty much it. I adamantly tried to burst all of your bubbles there to save you the annoyance, because that is what happened to me.

Like I said, this would be a short review, I tried to pick different types of apps from Facebook because there are a ton that are very similar in format and object.

Hoping to be reviewing in full The World of Goo soon, once I actually buy it and also what I think the next gen Ipod Touch should entail…only because I think mine should have come with more…I still love it to bits though!

Good day, howdy, my name is Keilly!  I am not new or accomplished in the blogging world but I am trying to find my voice and a couple of years ago it was political activism and international scenarios.  Now, that does still tickle my fancy but I am very engrossed in the world of technology and Social Networking.

I am no whiz when it comes to computers but I have been able to hold my own to the point where now I do computer tech support to pay the bills and enjoy most every minute of it.  Especially learning more about my own laptop.  I am a bit partial towards Apple, but I work with Windows and run a virtual machine of Windows 7 on my external hard drive on my Macbook.  (Which I may need a new one soon, though this laptop has lasted longer than any I have had in years past.)

So that is my intro, please feel free to comment and even lead me onto the path I need to be on should you feel I have run astray.

A Bien Tot!


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