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Hold on to your jail-broken iPhones…or don’t. RIM, the company that introduced crackber- er I mean Blackberry to the world is about to drop another bomb on the smartphone scene.

The new Blackberry Storm 2 9550 (don’t get confused with the 9520 for Vodaphone…) has been a highly anticipated phone even just after the 1st gen Storm came out. Because the Blackberry phones have always had physical keyboards and none of them were touch up until the Storm was released, it was expected that there would be some issues with the new technology. For most people, the phone was a lag bucket (yes I said lag bucket.) Now there have been a couple of firmware updates that have been said to make the Storm bearable until it’s upgrade time for the Storm 2. With the addition of WiFi to the Storm 2, I would imagine there are going to be more people paying the full price to get the new phone.

Most of the annoying issues that consumers were not enjoying about there phone were, but not limited to the SurePress technology for the touch screen (where you touch the screen to select and then push down on the screen to activate something), lack of WiFi, battery life, and just all around prettiness. Even the battery life has improved greatly, 5+ hours of talk time and 10+ days of standby. I could certainly deal with that.

The Storm is currently still running on the 4.7 software for Blackberry but once the Storm 2 comes out, 5.0 should be out and accordingly, when this is applied to the Storm it should fix most problems with software issues on the phone. Just long enough to wait for upgrade time I suppose…

Will this new venture for Blackberry be the iPhone killer? Will the masses stampede all Verizon stores, waiting for days in line just to get there hands on a new crackberry? Most likely not, I still stand by the fact that if iPhone moves to Verizon, I will have one. I am pretty sure that there are many other people out there that have the same sentiments as myself. Until then, I am still oogling the new Blackberry Storm 2.blackberry-storm-wi-fi


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