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blog_00768_auto_of_the_week_1969_mercedes_benz_cabriolet_from_the_hangoverI am not one to frequent movie theaters, I normally wait until most movies are out on DVD before I watch them.  It’s just much nicer to watch movies in the comfort of your own home or with friends at their places than it is to pay the $8.50 for a movie ticket and god knows how much for popcorn and drinks.  That being said, I saw The Hangover with a couple friends and here is my story to tell.

First off, I realized it is not really a good idea to judge a movie before you see it based on other people’s reactions to it.  At first, I heard from a bunch of people that the movie was horrible and a waste of time.  Then a couple more of my friends saw it and everyone was saying it was the best movie they have seen in a long time.  Intrigued by this and the fact that the commercial I saw portrayed a tiger in the hotel bathroom, I really wanted to see the movie.

At first you think it is going to be your normal “Let’s go to Vegas and see how much damage we can cause monetarily and physically,” kind of movie, which it is, it really is.  Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug are going to Las Vegas for the weekend for Doug’s bachelor party.  Phil and Stu are Doug’s best friends and Alan is Doug’s brother-in-law to be with issues.  I love Zach Galifianakis, who plays Alan, so I knew it would be at least semi funny.

The guys arrive in Vegas in a sweet 1969 Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet that Doug’s father-in-law to be, Sid, has entrusted to Doug only.  I love cars, especially this car…it’s pretty hot.  They decide to go up to the top of the roof of Caesar’s Palace as their first stunt.  After a couple shots of Jager, we cut to the next morning.  No one, not even the audience, has a clue as to what they actually did that night, and they are missing the groom, Doug.

If I say anymore, it will basically ruin the movie for those who are reading this, just a note though, this movie is pretty awesome.  It may not be an Oscar bound cast and screenplay, but it is the kind of movie that people go to the movies to see: something that is going to entertain them and take their minds off of the real world if only for a couple hours.


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