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There are tons of rumors running the mill lately about the tablet that Apple would be releasing. At first, I honestly thought it would be a bad idea but the more I thought about it, I personally wouldn’t mind having one. The idea that Apple would be making a tablet has been circulating for more than 5 years, which makes me think that if this many rumors are coming out about it releasing, it’s a pretty good chance that we will see this tablet within 2009.

So hypothesis numero uno, what is it going to look like? I have seen concept images where it looks more like just the LCD ripped off of my 3 yr old Macbook (shall we call it the Macbook Touch?). Other images have it looking like a much larger Iphone or Ipod Touch. A 10″ screen is what they are boasting and that would be a little nicer on the eyes when you are watching a movies or video podcasts like I do on my Touch.

Next, what will the OS be? Will it be Snow Leopard or will it be the Iphone OS? If it is going to be something where you will be able to either dock or put on a stand, I would hope that it would be Snow Leopard, but it may be easier to just have the Iphone OS. Unless there are going to be USB ports for plugging keyboards and mouses in or wireless mouse and keyboard capabilities, then I could see something with meat and potatoes running as the OS. What will the hard drive size be? I would think that you would have to start at probably 16 gb if it’s going to be the same software as the Touch and the Iphone. If it will be running the other OS, probably at least 60 gb.

What about connectivity? Will it only be able to connect to wifi or will you be able to get a plan or maybe add it to your Iphone plan? If this tablet becomes huge and everyone is just carrying it around with them, I could definitely see 3G capabilities. Actually, scratch that, I could see 4G capabilities. If you can have a contract for a data plan with this, I see Verizon going all over this. They have been hinting that they will be getting the Iphone in time, which is just prolonging AT&T’s demise. If they can get the tablet and it becomes as big as I think it will, you will see tablets at the gym, in the coffee shops, at the park, in class rooms, everywhere.

You can tell I really have high hopes for this product, please forgive me, I am a bit of an Apple fangirl. So the dates have been flopping back and forth for the release of this amazingness in a 10 inch screen. Some have been saying by Christmas, others October, and the most recent as early as September. $800 is the price that has been flashing around, I would say $500-$700 is a good price range. All depending on the OS again and capabilities.

Either way, I am definitely gonna be asking Santa for one…



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